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Welcome to Shamelessly Sexy, the ultimate boudoir photography experience serving clients in Summerlin. Let Rya Eisma, our passionate and skilled photographer, guide you on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. With a keen eye for beauty and a mission to uplift, Rya crafts each session to celebrate your unique sensuality and confidence. Whether seeking a special gift or a personal celebration, Shamelessly Sexy promises an unforgettable experience that cherishes your individuality and leaves you feeling radiant and empowered. Explore the transformative power of boudoir photography with us today.

About Shamelessly Sexy

Shamelessly Sexy is a boudoir photography business based in Las Vegas, Nevada. It empowers women and couples of all orientations to embrace their sensuality. Founded by Rya Eisma, a photographer with Filipino ancestry and a background in nursing, the business offers an intimate and fun photography experience. The services include professional hair styling, makeup artistry, and wardrobe consultation to ensure clients feel confident and beautiful. Client testimonials highlight Rya’s ability to create a comfortable, empowering environment, rewarding the experience for partners and individuals.

Rya Eisma – Las Vegas Boudoir Photographer

Rya Eisma, a passionate boudoir photographer based in Las Vegas, hails from a Filipino background and was raised in Hawai’i. Her photography journey began in childhood, inspired by a gift from her aunt, and despite pursuing a nursing degree and career to support her son, Rya’s love for photography never waned. Eventually, she returned to her true passion, boudoir photography, drawn to its fun and empowering essence. Rya finds joy in helping clients discover their confidence and sees boudoir photography as a medium for celebrating sensuality and beauty.

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How to find us

Shamelessly Sexy Boudoir Photography is located at 7640 Cowboy Trail, Las Vegas, NV 89131, United States.

To reach 7640 Cowboy Trail, Las Vegas, NV 89131 from Summerlin, Nevada, you will commence your journey by heading east on Summerlin Parkway. Drive for approximately 5 miles until you merge onto US-95 N toward Reno. You will want to remain on US-95 N for just under 4 miles. Pay attention to the road signs so that you can take exit 91A for Ann Road. Once you exit, make a right turn onto W Ann Rd and proceed for approximately 2.5 miles. It is crucial to note that you will encounter a couple of traffic lights along the way; please adhere to all traffic laws and signals. Then, turn left onto N Cimarron Rd; continue on this route for half a mile. Finally, turn right onto W Grand Teton Dr and drive for one more mile before taking a left onto Cowboy Trail. Your destination, 7640 Cowboy Trail, will be on your right-hand side. Please ensure you abide by all speed limits and drive safely.

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About Summerlin, NV

Summerlin, a master-planned community in the Las Vegas Valley of Nevada, boasts an illustrious history and a wealth of landmarks that contribute to its unique character. Developed by the Howard Hughes Corporation, the community’s origins trace back to the 1950s when billionaire Howard Hughes purchased 25,000 acres of desert land, which would eventually become Summerlin decades later. Official planning began in the late 1980s, and the community was named in honor of Hughes’ paternal grandmother, Jean Amelia Summerlin.

Nestled against the Spring Mountain range and Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Summerlin is divided into distinct villages and neighborhoods, each with its own style and amenities. Its location provides residents with panoramic views and outdoor recreational opportunities, including over 150 miles of trails and an extensive network of parks, which are some of the community’s most pervasive features.

The area is also known for its affluent residential options, quality education with over two dozen schools, and several cultural venues such as the Donald W. Reynolds Cultural Center, home to Nevada Ballet Theatre. Downtown Summerlin, the community’s premier shopping and entertainment district, includes a mixture of over 125 shops and restaurants, office space, and sports facilities, like the City National Arena, practice facility for the Vegas Golden Knights NHL team, and Las Vegas Ballpark, home to the Las Vegas Aviators minor league baseball team. Summerlin often tops the list as one of the best places to live in Nevada, noted for its low crime rate, ample amenities, and high standard of living. Its design and comprehensive amenities reflect a thoughtful approach to community development, providing a balance of residential, commercial, recreational, and educational spaces.

People Also Ask

What should I wear for a boudoir photography session?

Choice of attire for a boudoir photography session is highly personal and should reflect your unique style and comfort level. Options can range from lingerie and corsets to flowy dresses or even an oversized sweater. It’s recommended to bring multiple outfits to the session, so you have a variety of looks to choose from. Additionally, consider bringing items with sentimental value such as jewelry or a partner’s shirt to add a personal touch to your photographs.

How do I prepare for my boudoir photo shoot?

Preparation for a boudoir photo shoot involves several steps: select your outfits ahead of time and consider a professional hair and makeup session to boost your confidence. It’s advisable to hydrate well and get plenty of rest the night before your shoot. Avoid tight clothing or anything that might leave marks on your skin prior to the session. Most importantly, communicate with your photographer about your preferences and comfort level to ensure a personalized and empowering experience.

Is boudoir photography only for women?

Boudoir photography is not exclusively for women; it is inclusive of all genders and is meant to celebrate the beauty and uniqueness of each individual. Boudoir photographers strive to create a comfortable and empowering environment for clients of any gender to express themselves through intimate and personal portraiture. If you are interested in a boudoir session, contact a professional photographer to discuss how they can cater to your vision and create a memorable experience.

Serving Summerlin & Beyond

We serve clients from Summerlin, NV and beyond at our Las Vegas Boudoir Photography studio, including:

Anthem, Boulder City, Centennial Hills, Enterprise, Green Valley, Green Valley Ranch, Henderson, Mission Hills, Moapa Valley, Mountain's Edge, North Las Vegas, Northwest Las Vegas, Pahrump, Paradise, Southwest Las Vegas, Spring Valley, Sunrise Manor, Tule Springs

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