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Welcome to Shamelessly Sexy, the ultimate boudoir photography experience serving clients in Northwest Las Vegas. Let Rya Eisma, our passionate and skilled photographer, guide you on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. With a keen eye for beauty and a mission to uplift, Rya crafts each session to celebrate your unique sensuality and confidence. Whether seeking a special gift or a personal celebration, Shamelessly Sexy promises an unforgettable experience that cherishes your individuality and leaves you feeling radiant and empowered. Explore the transformative power of boudoir photography with us today.

About Shamelessly Sexy

Shamelessly Sexy is a boudoir photography business based in Las Vegas, Nevada. It empowers women and couples of all orientations to embrace their sensuality. Founded by Rya Eisma, a photographer with Filipino ancestry and a background in nursing, the business offers an intimate and fun photography experience. The services include professional hair styling, makeup artistry, and wardrobe consultation to ensure clients feel confident and beautiful. Client testimonials highlight Rya’s ability to create a comfortable, empowering environment, rewarding the experience for partners and individuals.

Rya Eisma – Las Vegas Boudoir Photographer

Rya Eisma, a passionate boudoir photographer based in Las Vegas, hails from a Filipino background and was raised in Hawai’i. Her photography journey began in childhood, inspired by a gift from her aunt, and despite pursuing a nursing degree and career to support her son, Rya’s love for photography never waned. Eventually, she returned to her true passion, boudoir photography, drawn to its fun and empowering essence. Rya finds joy in helping clients discover their confidence and sees boudoir photography as a medium for celebrating sensuality and beauty.

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How to find us

Shamelessly Sexy Boudoir Photography is located at 7640 Cowboy Trail, Las Vegas, NV 89131, United States.

To reach 7640 Cowboy Trail, Las Vegas, NV 89131, United States, from Northwest Las Vegas, Nevada, start by finding your way to the US-95 South, also known as the Oran K. Gragson Freeway. Upon entering the US-95 South, drive for approximately five miles, and then take exit 91A toward Durango Drive/Sky Pointe Drive. After exiting, keep left at the fork to continue toward N Durango Drive. You will merge onto N Durango Drive shortly. Continue on N Durango Drive for about four miles. As you proceed, you will pass several landmarks; keep an eye on local signage and maintain a safe speed.

Upon approaching the intersection of N Durango Drive and Elkhorn Road, make a right turn onto Elkhorn Road. After approximately 0.5 miles, turn left onto Buffalo Drive. In about 0.3 miles, make the first right turn onto W. Rosada Way, and then an immediate left turn onto Cowboy Trail. Continue driving for a short distance, and you will find your destination, 7640 Cowboy Trail, Las Vegas, NV 89131, on the right-hand side. Please be mindful of the local traffic laws and maintain vigilance for pedestrians and cyclists as you approach the address.

Directions from Northwest Las Vegas to our studio

About Northwest Las Vegas, NV

Northwest Las Vegas, part of the expansive Las Vegas Valley in Clark County, Nevada, United States, is a vibrant region that presents a compelling blend of history, community, and attractions. Initially home to indigenous Southern Paiute tribes, the area witnessed a transformative wave of development post-World War II. This transformation was driven by the Las Vegas population boom and the subsequent need for residential expansion. Delineated by the foothills of the Spring Mountains to the west and the grand expanse of the Nevada desert to the north and east, Northwest Las Vegas is characterized by its picturesque residential communities, modern amenities, and outdoor recreational spaces. As a suburban extension of one of the world’s most iconic cities, it remains an appealing choice for families and individuals seeking a quieter lifestyle within reach of the metropolitan center’s vibrancy.

Notable landmarks include the expansive Floyd Lamb Park at Tule Springs, an oasis in the desert with historic relevance, as it used to be a watering stop for Native Americans and later, a dude ranch. Meanwhile, the impressive Centennial Hills area stands out as a center for healthcare and shopping amenities. Facts about this location reflect its growth; it has become one of the fastest-growing sectors within the Las Vegas metropolitan area. The development of master-planned communities like Providence and Skye Canyon has anchored the region’s appeal, merging the allure of big-city entertainment with the tranquility of suburban life. Northwest Las Vegas continues to evolve, playing an integral role in the diversification and expansion of the city’s wider economic and cultural landscape.

People Also Ask

What should I wear for a boudoir photography session?

Your outfit for a boudoir photography session should reflect your personal style and what makes you feel comfortable and confident. Many clients opt for lingerie, but others may choose a favorite dress, casual wear, or even go for implied nudity. It’s essential to communicate with your photographer beforehand to ensure your wardrobe aligns with the desired aesthetic for your shoot.

How do I prepare for my boudoir photo shoot?

To prepare for your boudoir photo shoot, consider the following tips: select outfits that make you feel confident, schedule any beauty appointments such as hair and makeup, manicures, or waxing a few days before the shoot, get plenty of rest the night before, and stay hydrated. Additionally, discuss your ideas and any concerns with your photographer to ensure a comfortable and empowering experience.

Can I bring someone with me to my boudoir shoot for support?

Yes, most photographers will allow you to bring a friend or partner for support during your boudoir shoot. It’s important that the person you bring helps you feel more comfortable and confident. However, make sure to inform your photographer in advance, as some studios have rules regarding extra guests. This ensures that there are no surprises and helps maintain a professional and relaxed shoot environment.

Serving Northwest Las Vegas & Beyond

We serve clients from Northwest Las Vegas, NV and beyond at our Las Vegas Boudoir Photography studio, including:

Anthem, Boulder City, Centennial Hills, Enterprise, Green Valley, Green Valley Ranch, Henderson, Mission Hills, Moapa Valley, Mountain's Edge, North Las Vegas, Pahrump, Paradise, Southwest Las Vegas, Spring Valley, Summerlin, Sunrise Manor, Tule Springs

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