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Welcome to Shamelessly Sexy, the ultimate boudoir photography experience serving clients in Southwest Las Vegas. Let Rya Eisma, our passionate and skilled photographer, guide you on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. With a keen eye for beauty and a mission to uplift, Rya crafts each session to celebrate your unique sensuality and confidence. Whether seeking a special gift or a personal celebration, Shamelessly Sexy promises an unforgettable experience that cherishes your individuality and leaves you feeling radiant and empowered. Explore the transformative power of boudoir photography with us today.

About Shamelessly Sexy

Shamelessly Sexy is a boudoir photography business based in Las Vegas, Nevada. It empowers women and couples of all orientations to embrace their sensuality. Founded by Rya Eisma, a photographer with Filipino ancestry and a background in nursing, the business offers an intimate and fun photography experience. The services include professional hair styling, makeup artistry, and wardrobe consultation to ensure clients feel confident and beautiful. Client testimonials highlight Rya’s ability to create a comfortable, empowering environment, rewarding the experience for partners and individuals.

Rya Eisma – Las Vegas Boudoir Photographer

Rya Eisma, a passionate boudoir photographer based in Las Vegas, hails from a Filipino background and was raised in Hawai’i. Her photography journey began in childhood, inspired by a gift from her aunt, and despite pursuing a nursing degree and career to support her son, Rya’s love for photography never waned. Eventually, she returned to her true passion, boudoir photography, drawn to its fun and empowering essence. Rya finds joy in helping clients discover their confidence and sees boudoir photography as a medium for celebrating sensuality and beauty.

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Shamelessly Sexy Boudoir Photography is located at 7640 Cowboy Trail, Las Vegas, NV 89131, United States.

To navigate from a location in Southwest Las Vegas to 7640 Cowboy Trail, Las Vegas, NV 89131, begin by accessing the Bruce Woodbury Beltway (I-215) heading east. Continue on I-215 until you approach the interchange with I-15. Take the exit onto I-15 North towards Salt Lake City. Follow I-15 North for several miles, keeping an eye out for exit 42A to merge onto US-95 North toward Reno. Stay on US-95 North, and then take exit 91 for Durango Drive/Sky Pointe Drive. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for Durango Drive and merge onto North Durango Drive. Continue for a few miles until you reach West Grand Teton Drive, where you will make a right turn. Drive along West Grand Teton Drive then take a right onto North Buffalo Drive. After a short distance, make a left turn onto West Elkhorn Road. Finally, turn right onto North Bradley Road and proceed until you reach Cowboy Trail. Turn left onto Cowboy Trail, and 7640 Cowboy Trail will be on your right-hand side.

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About Southwest Las Vegas, NV

Southwest Las Vegas, a region nestled in the vast Mojave Desert of Nevada, United States, emanates a blend of suburban comfort and historical intrigue. Historically, the area was inhabited by indigenous tribes, with the Southern Paiutes being the most prominent. With the advent of the 20th century, the region saw substantial growth due to an influx of pioneers seeking opportunities, which escalated with the construction of the nearby Hoover Dam in the 1930s and the legalization of gambling. Today, Southwest Las Vegas stands as a prosperous segment of the Greater Las Vegas area, characterized by its upscale residential neighborhoods, fine dining establishments, and excellent shopping centres like Downtown Summerlin. Despite its modern development, the region respects its historical roots, which can be seen through the preservation of the Old Spanish Trail, a 19th-century trade route linking Santa Fe to Los Angeles that skirts through the area. Notable landmarks contributing to its distinct identity include the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, which offers breathtaking vistas, hiking trails, and rock climbing opportunities. Additionally, the area is acknowledged for its reputable schools, golf courses, and proximity to the Spring Mountains and Mount Charleston, offering a reprieve from the desert heat with their cooler climes. Southwest Las Vegas exemplifies a diverse and thriving community steeped in cultural heritage, attracting residents and visitors alike with its blend of natural beauty and contemporary convenience.

People Also Ask

What is boudoir photography?

Boudoir photography is a genre of photography that encompasses a range of intimate, romantic, sensual, or

sexually suggestive images of its subjects in indoor settings. Typically, the subject poses in lingerie or

clothing that implies privacy or intimacy, emphasizing a personal and confidential atmosphere. Boudoir photos are

often commissioned for private enjoyment or as gifts for romantic partners.

How should I prepare for a boudoir photo shoot?

Preparing for a boudoir photo shoot involves several steps to ensure you feel confident and ready. Begin by

selecting outfits that make you feel comfortable and that represent your personal style. Consider bringing a

variety of lingerie, accessories, and shoes to add versatility to the shoot. Prior to the session, groom yourself

in a way that makes you feel your best, including hair styling, makeup, and skincare. Communicate with your

photographer about your preferences and levels of comfort. Finally, get plenty of rest the night before and stay

hydrated to ensure you look and feel your best.

Is boudoir photography only for women?

No, boudoir photography is not exclusively for women. While it traditionally caters to female clients, modern

boudoir studios welcome clients of all genders. The core principle of boudoir photography is to capture the

sensuality and confidence of the subject, regardless of gender identity. Everyone is encouraged to participate if

they are looking to create intimate and personal imagery that celebrates their body and personal expression.

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