Boudoir Photography – What To Expect

  • 100% Boudoir Photography Female Team
  • Privacy Always!
  • Professional Hair Stylist
  • Professional Makeup Artist
  • Access to Client Closet

Before your Las Vegas boudoir photography session, you will receive a prep guide which includes an offer for wardrobe consultations. During this wardrobe consultation, I can help you shop for or find something that you love for your shoot.

Your photo session will last 1-2 hours. We’ll warm up with a bit of cobra and cat (iykyk). I will help you with all of the posing, like where to put your hands and what expression to make. Don’t worry, I will literally be right there with you, posing right next to you or right in front of you to mirror. I’ll get down on the floor, lie on the bed, and hang upside down off the couch (it looks sexier than it sounds 😆) just to help you see what I need you to do.

Depending on the length of the boudoir photography session, bring 3-5 outfits. Plus, it wouldn’t hurt to bring extras of certain things as well (like those easily rippable, already-distressed tights).

Your session will last approximately one to two hours.

After your shoot, you will return either later that afternoon or on another date convenient for you to see all of your pictures and put together your album or wall art.