Why Me?

pageant contestants in formal gowns walking across the stage

So I recently was asked, “I have a friend who does photography. Should I just have her do my shoot? Why should I go with you?”  So I will actually answer a few questions to answer this.

What’s my background?
As a young adult, I participated in beauty pageants. And right after I had my oldest son, I tried my hand at promotions modeling. What does this have to do with boudoir photography? Well, it’s where I learned how to do stage makeup, learned about posture, and then how I learned how to pose for feminine photos. I later started a side hustle doing event photography while I was attending pre-nursing college classes. Oh ya, let’s not forget that I studied photography in high school and college back when we used *gasp* FILM and had to learn to get the shot right within a 24 or 36 shot roll or just waste film and cross your fingers. I did end up getting my degree in photography (AFTER my nursing degree) and had to learn to use the dreaded Photoshop, which I now love ????

Why do I photograph boudoir of all things?
Remember how I said I participated in pageants? Well before that, I considered myself the ugliest person in my school, from kindergarten all the way through high school. When I dolled up and stood on stage, I was doing the OPPOSITE of what you’d think an ugly duckling would do. And that’s because I didn’t want to be the ugly duckling anymore. And that feeling, even the thought, of being beautiful was something I had NEVER experienced before and wanted to keep on feeling FOREVER. And THAT is what I want for EVERY woman, EVERY mom, EVERY wife to feel. {Thinking about it is actually making me well up with tears as I write this ????} And for those of you who just need to see it to believe it, I do have photos – high school especially, but I’d have to dig ’em up. If I come across them, I’ll make sure to add ’em ????

So should you go with your friend?
First of all, I will never talk bad about another photographer, now matter what their level of experience or their background. By all means, go have fun taking photos with your friend. But most likely she/he didn’t have the same experiences that I’ve had or the passion that I have for this genre, and of course she/he will have her/his own style as do I. So, if you love my style and wanna have fun with a dorky ugly duckling in her own right, you know where to find me ????

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