Boudoir Photography: 4 Common Misconceptions

boudoir photo of sexy woman lying back eyes looking directly at camera, wearing black lack bra and white men's dress shirt
Boudoir photography can be intimidating if it’s your first time being photographed in that context. That’s why I prioritize your comfort and empowerment at every stage of the process. Once you get in front of the camera, there’s truly no feeling like it!

Here are 4 common untruths that people believe about boudoir photography—and why you shouldn’t let them stop you from looking and feeling your absolute best.

#1: “I’m Not Photogenic Enough.”

Everyone has insecurities, but you shouldn’t allow them to prevent you from feeling empowered. I commonly hear clients say things like:

  • “I’m not pretty enough for a boudoir shoot.”
  • “I need to lose weight first.”
  • “I wouldn’t know how to pose.”

Well, I’m here to reassure you: That little voice inside your head is lying. You’re beautiful, photogenic, and above all else, worthy! If previous photos of yourself have made you feel not so elegant, know that it’s through no fault of your own. It is the responsibility of the photographer to capture you in your “best light”.

A boudoir photoshoot with me is bound to change how you see yourself in the mirror for good, in the best possible way.

#2: “What about my privacy?”

If you’re worried about one of your photos winding up in the Gallery section of my website, fear not. I never share anyone’s photos without explicit permission from the subject.
If you want to share your photos with the world to inspire other women, more power to you! But if not, your photos will stay digitally secured, available only to you and whoever you’d like to see them. That’s my personal promise.

#3: “I have no one to give the photos to.”

If you don’t currently have a spouse or significant other, you might think there’s no point to taking boudoir photos. Actually, that couldn’t be further from the truth!

First of all, there’s something empowering about simply giving the photos to yourself. Store them in a beautified box or have them designed into an album. On days when your hair won’t cooperate or you resent the way your clothes fit, open that box and remember how beautiful you really are. Better yet, have your favorites made into wall art so that you can see them everyday, reminding yourself of just how beautiful you are!

Brag to your girlfriends. Make your ex regret losing you. Post them on social media for your social circle to behold.

Boudoir photos don’t have to be about anyone else but you. Do what makes you happy.

#4: “I’m too old.”

No, you’re not. Enough said.

But seriously, the longer you’ve lived, the more things you’ve experienced, the more struggles you’ve overcome—the more you have to celebrate! You’re not too old to be sexy or strong. In fact, theres’ something to be said about being a sexy, strong, and experienced woman!

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