3 FAQs from a Vegas Boudoir Photographer

A woman in a golden satin dress reclines playfully on a bed, looking directly at the camera with a slight smile. her pose is relaxed and inviting, set against a soft, dimly lit background. Image by Rya Eisma of Shamelessly Sexy Boudoir Photography, Las Vegas, NV
At Shamelessly Sexy’s Las Vegas boudoir studio, I specialize in intimate beauty photo shoots because I believe that every woman and every body deserves to feel beautiful. Sometimes, depending on the ages of your kids, that can certainly feel like a challenge. After all, nobody feels cute while rocking a crying infant after only two hours of sleep. But here at Shamelessly Sexy, I strive to bring your very best qualities to the forefront. Your resilience. Your assurance. Your sensuality. Moms aren’t just powerful. They’re sexy, too! And that’s exactly how you deserve to feel during your photo session (and every time you look at the finished photos!).

Boudoir shoots can be an intimidating concept for a first-timer, but have no fear. That’s what this frequently asked questions post is for!

Question #1Who can sign up for boudoir portrait session?

The answer is…well, anyone. I not only photograph women, but men and couples as well. But I take special pride in capturing mothers with nuance and confidence. If you want to feel unapologetically sexy in your own skin, regardless of any perceived “flaws,” you’re more than ready for a boudoir photoshoot! And if you’re a mother, I’m even more excited about the potential to work with you.

Question #2Why are Shamelessly Sexy’s boudoir shoots so impactful for moms?

Put simply, many mothers take a blow to their self-esteem after giving birth. The physical challenges of birth, combined with the visual changes that come afterward (like stretch marks,) can be disheartening for a new mom. But that doesn’t mean they make you any less sexy! On the contrary, your post-birth body is evidence of just how strong you really are, and there’s nothing sexier the confidence exuded when embracing your strengths! You might believe that you’re more attractive in your pre-Mom body, but I’m determined to prove you wrong by giving your post-Mom body a proper showcase!
A quick glance at the testimonials on my website clearly shows the impact that my boudoir shoots have had for previous customers. Alisha B says, “I’m naturally super awkward, and Rya made me feel so comfortable in front of the camera.” Becki L. agrees, “Rya’s photographic eye is most obviously driven by her love for the craft and her intuitive heart,” and Amber W. adds, “Rya made me feel comfortable, photogenic, beautiful, and badass!” All of them moms. All of them BEAUTIFUL! If that’s a feeling you crave, Shamelessly Sexy might be right for you.

Question #3What should I do with the photos after my boudoir shoot?

That’s completely up to you! You can keep the photos for yourself as a reminder of how beautiful you truly are, or you can give them that someone special in your life. You can purchase a large luxury album to gift to that significant only. Or how about a smaller album to keep on you in your purse for that boost of confidence you can get every now and then from looking at your stunning images or sharing with your bff’s. There are also various wall art size options for however discreetly – or not so discreetly – you want to display your images in your home. Whichever option makes you the happiest is the right answer.

All of us at Shamelessly Sexy are proud to empower mothers in Las VegasSummerlin, and surrounding Nevada areas with every click of the camera. If you’d like to schedule your own boudoir portrait session, feel free to reach out through the link below. I’m looking forward to working with you!
beautiful long haired brunette laughing during her boudoir session at Las Vegas Studio Shamelessly Sexy
Las Vegas mom of five having fun at her very first boudoir session

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