5 Tips for Choosing Your Perfect Boudoir Wardrobe

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Boudoir photography offers a transformative and empowering experience, allowing individuals to celebrate their unique beauty and embrace their confidence. A vital aspect of preparing for a boudoir session lies in selecting the perfect wardrobe that complements and accentuates your best features. From form-fitting lingerie to cozy girl-next-door ensembles, each outfit choice contributes to creating captivating and intimate images that reflect the authentic essence of who you are. Let’s explore essential tips to guide you in choosing what to wear during your boudoir session, empowering you to express yourself confidently and cherish the memories captured as cherished works of art.

Tip #1Opt for Body-Hugging Pieces

When choosing lingerie for your boudoir session, embrace form-fitting items that showcase and accentuate your beautiful figure. Boudoir photography aims to celebrate the female form, and well-fitted pieces do just that!

While it may be tempting to go for lingerie that conceals the stomach, like babydolls, I encourage you to consider alternatives. Embrace bodysuits or high-waisted underwear as they can create a more flattering look by hugging your curves and providing shape. Lingerie that is too loose might not translate well in photos, leading to awkward bends and folds. So, don’t hesitate to bring along that alluring bodysuit you’ve been eyeing – this space is all about embracing your curves with confidence!

Tip #2Celebrate the Beauty of Implied Nudes

Let me assure you, there’s absolutely no pressure to go fully nude during your boudoir session. It’s essential to feel comfortable and empowered throughout the experience. However, if you’ve ever been intrigued by the allure of implied nude photography but hesitated due to self-doubt, let me encourage you to seize the opportunity – you only live once!

During your session, it’ll be just you and me and maybe an assistant, creating art together. Rest assured that I’ve worked with many clients in this style, and I’ve seen it all before (hello, former women’s health nurse here ????????‍♀️????). The result is often breathtaking – reminiscent of Renaissance Greek goddesses – and these shots often become cherished favorites for both my clients and me.

implied nude black and white boudoir photo of ethnic woman with very long hair in loose curls flowing above her. casually holding a sheet with sheen to cover her breasts, torso, and crotch.

Tip #3: Use Flattering Cuts to Enhance Your Figure 

Choosing lingerie with dramatic cuts can work wonders in flattering your body for your boudoir session. Dare to embrace deep v-neck bodysuits for a gorgeous and daring look that accentuates your curves. High-cut thigh bodysuits lengthen your legs and emphasize your hips, while we can recreate the “high-cut” effect by pulling up the sides of your favorite undies over your hips.

Consider high-waisted undies as they cinch the waist, creating a stunning hourglass shape. Strappy or lace details exude undeniable sexiness, while cheeky undies with lace or scalloped trim beautifully shape and highlight your booty.

Remember, the right cuts and lines can make a significant difference in enhancing your figure and achieving stunning and confident looks for your boudoir photoshoot.

female brunette wearing red strappy lingerie posed with her arms up, one hand holding the other arm above her head. she is standing in front of a white screen room divider.

Tip #4Find Comfort in the “Cozy Girl Next Door” Vibe

For a charming and down-to-earth look, consider bringing an oversized sweater or a simple white t-shirt paired with leg warmers or thigh-high socks. This cozy ensemble adds a touch of allure by leaving a little more to the imagination, creating an irresistibly sexy appeal.

Opting for this relaxed and comfortable outfit is an excellent way to begin your photoshoot. It allows you to ease into the session, gradually getting comfortable in front of the camera while still maintaining a sense of modesty. Embrace the cozy, girl-next-door vibe as a delightful and inviting option to start your boudoir experience with confidence and warmth.

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Tip #5Express Yourself Using your Own Wardrobe Favorites 

Don’t hesitate to incorporate pieces you already adore into your boudoir session. Your favorite pair of jeans, a classic black or white blazer, a cherished graphic t-shirt, or a stylish faux fur or leather jacket can all be stellar additions to your wardrobe choices. By featuring items you know, wear, and love, we can effortlessly capture images that radiate your unique personality.

Boudoir photography is about celebrating the genuine YOU in your best light. Utilizing beloved wardrobe pieces ensures that your authenticity shines through in every shot. So, embrace your favorite fashion staples and let your true self take center stage, creating an intimate and empowering boudoir experience that reflects the best version of you.💋

boudoir image with caucasian female lying on her back, looking at the camera, wearing a Wolverine tee, holding her eyeglasses in her right hand with the tip of one eyeglass arm in her open mouth, the other hand pulling up the edge of her shirt. she's wearing black lace panties and has her legs up. anime and books are laid next to her on either side.

Time for some new lingerie?

How about some animal print for the Tigress in you?💋

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